Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Motivation: The problem is a challenge

When you consider the problem as a burden, you may assume you will to avoid it.When you consider the problems as challenges, you may be to face it.But problem is the gift that you can receive with joy. With sharp eyes, you see success on the back of each issue.
The problem is the stair to the power of a more hight.So, face and change the power to become your successful .without problem, you unfit to enter the path of success life .Even this is an issue, therefore, accept as a gift.
Gifts that can be provided by the parent eagle on her children not flakes of breakfast..But throwed children from the high cliffs.
Seconds in the first children eagle assume that their parent is really unreasonable, scream in fear, then i will died, not the death that they receive, but the real itself as the eagle, the fly.when do not you dare to overcome the problem, you just do not become someone who sincere.

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