Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A motivation: There is no useless

Optimism is the view of life as this best offering .no something casual and flow futile.
There must be a goal.must have purpose.Maybe course you have experience
the poor who do not pleasant, so malignancy that just because you see one of the only currency. If you dare to visit the other hand, you will find a far different scene.
you do not need to be a person smile or hold a face appeared joyfull.optimisme located in the heart, not only by in optimistic, because life is too complex to be seen with contractioned eyebrow.
Any drops of water out of the water flowing in them to be through the sea.even if creek, ditch, snoring time, the lake and the estuary, they are sure their journey is not without purpose. Even when waiting in the ocean, any drops of water know, when a heat and wind will bring them to the top of the mountain.
into the cloud and down rain.some fertile the grass. Fill in wells in some wells. some return to the sea.
Do something useless every drops of water that you find in the gutter your home.

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