Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Find Your Love

if you do not love your job, then love people who work there.
Experience the excitement of the friendship. And Employment was so brisk.

if you can not love the colleagues you work, love the atmosphere and office buildings.
This encourages you to leave work and enthusiastic doing better again.

also if you can not do that, love your every experience of from home to go to places and the workplace .
Travel makes a fun destination looks fun as well.

However, if you do not find joy in it, so anything that can love you love from your work: plant a table decoration, lizard on the wall, or behind the cumulus from the window.

If you can not find a job you love from you, why you there?
there is no reason for you to stand still. Quick go and find what you love, and work there.

Live Only once. Nothing more beautiful than making love with the genuine.


Anonymous said...

life is only once,enjoy your life.

Anonymous said...

where is the love.... where is the love....where is the love??? sorry ikutan comment btw puisi nya keren abis!! saya suka puisinya. dalem... salam, Endah