Tuesday, April 7, 2009


hope is something incredible. Intertwine present in the hope, always binding the human soul, even though sometimes it did not appear to bond.

Hope, will always strengthen our hands, while others remove it.
Hope, will always make us smile, cry at all.
Hope, will always make our heads straight, and much to contemplate the future, when so many challenges that present.

Hope, is that given the strength of God, for we want to continue to try.
Hope, will depict smile on our face, even though the heart is being depressed.
Hope will show the direction of our feet-feet, although we do not see eye-trace the trail.
Hope will provide encouragement, even though our lives are in confusion.
Hope, something that is also beautiful.

The hope is that something must be thankfulness, which gives freshness to the soul of every dry.
And friends,hope, can be found anywhere. In each our hearts. In every life we.
For, Is the hope is, is a flame, which will provide a light in a dark place without color.

Friends, do not ever lose hope.

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