Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Smile does not hurt us any, but to give something extraordinary. Smile enriches those who receive, without making the person who gave it more poor. Smile only takes a moment, but the memories will live forever smile sometimes. No one is so rich or powerful can not do it and nobody is so poor, so can not rich by it.

Smile creates happiness in the home, foster goodwill in the business and is a symbol of friendship. Smile to make people feel tired relax, strengthen those who despair, to give warmth to the sad, and is a natural medicine for people with problems.

But the smile can not be purchased, requested, borrowed, or stolen, because the smile is something that is not valuable to anyone unless the smile is given to him.
Some people are too tired to smile.

Give them your smile, because no one really needs a smile as well as people who do not have anything for granted.

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