Thursday, March 5, 2009

Centipede and turtle

Perhaps there is a centipede who danced with a very clever one hundred feet. All creatures in the forest gathered to see it every time centipede dancing, and they were all very impressed by the it's beautiful dance. But there is one creature that is not happy to see dancing centipede, and it is a turtle.

"How can I make it stop dancing centipede?" think the turtle is. He may not say so just that he does not dance like that. He also can not say that he himself can dance better, which is clearly not correct. Finally he found an evil plan.

He sat down and wrote a letter to the centipede.
"O tara centipede that no, I was a fan of your very beautiful dance. I need to know how you do it when you dance. Are you the lift up your left leg number 28 and then feet right number 39? Or do you start the right leg number 17 before you lift the left leg number 44? your answer I waited with hope.

Turtle. "

When the centipede read it, he just immediately started thinking about what he actually did while dancing.which feet comes first? And after which the foot is longer?
Finally, a centipede that can never danced well again!

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